Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back at It

First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my baby shower post from yesterday. My dear friend, and shower hostess, Kristen, read the post and was blown away by all of the compliments that you guys had to share:) 

I did get a lot of questions about the sweater that I wore to the shower. It was a Pink Blush purchase, that has long since sold out. However, I did find this similar sweater (it's non-maternity) that I absolutely love, so if you're interested, it would be a good substitute. I wore nude suede ankle booties, which are also sold out now, but look just like this pair. And I threw on my favorite $8 stud earrings - which now come in coral - for a pop of color. Simple and easy!


"It's just a bad day, not a bad life"

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, B is back to the grind. He went back onto an orthopedic trauma rotation on Sunday, and so far, he's worked 5:30 am - 7:30 pm on Sunday and 4:45 am - 9:00 pm yesterday. Joy

Over the past four weeks, I tried not to, but couldn't help getting used to having him around for breakfast, helping with house chores, assisting with dinner prep (or making it completely), and keeping an eye on Caleb to allow me a few minutes to shower here and there, or run errands on my own. I'm ever so grateful that we had the month of February together to get so much done.  But let me tell you, having him around so much for a month, and then disappearing back onto a horrific rotation like this is kind of like a mean joke. It's. So. Hard. 

Let's get real: Residency in general is hard. There's no getting around it. I've talked about the difficulties before. But throw in a toddler, an 8 months prego lady, and hormones...And you've got a recipe for disaster. And yesterday was a disaster. It actually started late Sunday night, when I heard Caleb coughing on the baby monitor. I was meandering around, putting things away in the nursery, when I first heard it, and thought I'd let him cough for a minute, and see if he settled down. I knew it would wake him if I went in there. But then he started crying, so I headed in to calm him down. He was sitting straight up in his little bed, and began coughing so hard it scared me. Suddenly, he threw up. I screamed for B and then grabbed Caleb and bundled him off to the bathroom for a clean up and pj change, while B changed his sheets and got his room cleaned up. I thought for sure we were in for a case of the stomach bug, but after that one round of throw up, he never threw up again, and instead, nestled down into his freshly made bed, and went right back to sleep.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to my little nugget snuggled up against me. I guess B had moved him into our bed when he left for work. I started to cuddle him, and realized he was damp. He'd tee-tee'd through his diaper. So... Another pj change and a fresh diaper. Fortunately this accident was caught before it made it to the sheets, so no sheet change was required. I hate changing sheets.

About halfway through the morning, Caleb head butted me across the face while playing. The resulting snap was so loud, I thought for sure he'd broken my nose. It made me cry, and hurt for hours. Seriously. I know other mamas who have had their noses broken, so I wouldn't be the first. Luckily, after being a bit red and swollen for a couple of hours, after the swelling went down, all seemed fine. So, I got away easy this time. But I will definitely be more careful around my wild man from now on.

The doozy of the day happened at lunchtime. Caleb was sitting at his little table eating his peanut butter sandwich. He got up and was walking around, offering bites of it to Ellie - which is par for the course for him - and I noticed that he was sticking his little hands down the back of his pants. I walked over to him to see what was going on. He's been scratching his little rear every now and then, so I figured that's what he was doing. Until I saw the poop. On his hands. Up his back. On the back of his sweatpants. Everywhere. Gag. So, off to the bathroom we went for a rinse off, a tub scrub (because I can't stand the thought of bathing him in a bathtub that is less than perfectly sterile), and then a full bath. Another batch of clothes left to soak in the washer for the second time in less than 12 hours. And an outfit change for mama. Because, yes, poop got on me too. Have I mentioned how glamorous motherhood is lately?

So, all of the above happened before noon on B's second day back to work. Less than 48 hours in. By 12:30, I felt like I'd run a marathon. After lunch, Caleb went down for a nap, and I rested during that time too. I normally try to work or get some things done while Caleb sleeps, but yesterday, I needed the rest. We were up and about by 3...And little man was a whiny mess for most of the rest of the afternoon. He didn't want to listen. He kept getting into the dog food. I had to drag him in screaming from playing outside when it was time for dinner. He threw pasta all over the kitchen floor and strewed Tupperware across every corner of the house. And finally, when all was said and done, he got out of his bed no less than 5 times at bedtime, and refused to go to sleep until I finally laid down with him. And this, after he'd been doing so well going to sleep on his own every night. At one point, around 8:15 pm, I called B, crying and yelling desperately into the phone, "WHAT TIME ARE YOU COMING HOME?" as Caleb came toddling into the living room for approximately the 6th time of the evening and headed for his truck stash, and I tried everything I could think of to keep my cool and not lock the child in his room. (His bedroom door doesn't lock, so that wouldn't have been an option anyways. But see - I considered it!)

All in all, it was just a mess of a day. I got upset with myself more than once for snapping at Caleb or speaking harshly. No matter what, he does not deserve that, and I have to remind myself that. After all, he is only 21 months old. The day had its bright spots here and there - like when little man crawled up on me and snuggled his little face right up to mine for some kisses. Or when, while outside, he went running down the hill in our yard and the immediately looked to me to be sure I'd notice and clap for him - so cute. But it was definitely rough. And it definitely made me question my sanity more than once. 


Someone tell me it will get easier with two. Lie to me. Because right now, I am a little overwhelmed. And, like I said, we're only 48 hours back into the grind. With another 2 months to go. And a belly that's getting bigger by the day. Eeeek!


Monday, March 2, 2015

A Baby Shower for Vivian {Weekend Review}

We are back to life, back to  reality in the K household. After a month long hiatus from the rigors of ortho trauma rotations, B is back to the nitty gritty. And Caleb and I are back to long days without Daddy. Sigh. The salty parts of life only make the sweet ones that much sweeter, right? I might need reminding of this over the next couple of weeks as I haul my ever-growing belly around after a busy, mischievous little toddler boy.

Before we got back to mundane things like reality however, we had one last hurrah over the weekend: Vivian's baby shower! While B and Caleb spent some quality father-son time together, the Vivi bump and I headed to my sweet friend Kristen's house to attend the shower. I managed to snap a couple of bump pics before I left the house even though I was running a few minutes late. True story, I was scrubbing toilets one hour before the shower began. So glamorous, I know. But our empty house was just too good to pass up, so I decided to clean. I'm OCD like that.

As you can see, I went with the blush sweater and jeans look that I had talked about in a fashion post a week or so ago, with a brightly colored statement necklace and stud earrings. I paired it with some nude suede ankle booties, and that was that. It was comfy. And I felt good in it.

The shower started at 2:00, and I got there about 10 minutes after. I was not the last one there, but a good group of sweet family and friends were already in attendance. I managed to grab a few quick pictures of the food and some family and friends, but did not get any of the gifts or rest of the decor. Fortunately, my sister snapped a few shots of me opening presents, and you can see a bit of it in those. I also didn't get many photos of everyone who was there, which bummed me out. I usually remember to designate someone as "photographer" for the day, but for this shower, I totally forgot - and my lack of great pictures is evidence. Oh, well. We just had too much fun to worry about too many pictures! Here are the photos I do have...

The lovely cake and food spread:

My sweet friend, and hostess, Kristen:

My dear bestie, Erin, who made the drive all the way from Augusta (after being hospitalized just one week prior) to be there:

We've been best friends since we were 12 years old. And now we are both pregnant with baby girls! Her sweet Peyton is due just 6 weeks after Vivian! Of course, we had to do a bump to bump photo:

My darling Mama (Mimi):

We munched on the yummy food, played a fun game where everyone had to guess what was inside of each bag labeled "baby shower" - each item corresponded with the letter on the bag, chatted and spent time together, and then opened gifts. I have to say, our friends and family went over and beyond with the gifts for Vivian. This sweet baby girl sure is loved! I was honestly a bit overwhelmed (and still am) by all of the lovely things that we received. Especially because I never assumed that I would be having a baby shower for baby #2. Needless to say, we were blown away by the generosity and are so, so grateful. I have a lot of thank you notes to write.

Reading through the precious scrapbook that B's mom made. It has every week of my pregnancy documented with pictures and text messages, and even bits and pieces of my blog posts! She did one for Caleb too, and I love looking through them. Such treasured memories.

After all the gift opening - which took quite a while! - I grabbed a couple more photos before everyone started making their way home. I still wish I had more, but do cherish these that I do have!

With my mama and my sister (whose bridal shower is coming up this weekend!):

With B's sister (one of the four who were there!):

My car, packed to the brim, upon arriving at home:

Such a lovely event! So thankful to Kristen for putting in the time and effort to do something so special for me. I know how hard she worked on it, and I appreciate it so much! I will never forget our conversation last fall, when she asked about a baby shower, and I told her that I wouldn't be having one since Vivian is baby #2 for us. Her reaction? "That's silly! This is a different baby. And it's a girl! You are having a shower!" So sweet. And so thankful for all of our friends and family, from both near and far - especially those that drove for a couple of hours to be there on Saturday - who came to help us prepare to welcome our baby girl in just a few short weeks. We are in the single digits now with just over 8 weeks to go. It's getting real. And the nursery - which is now full to brimming - is yet more evidence of this!

Wishing you all a very happy Monday! Caleb and I will be staying around the house today, as last night he started coughing and then threw up. Lovely. Hoping there is not a stomach virus on it's way around our home. The last time we were hit with one of those, B and I were definitely hit the hardest. And we don't have time to be sick right now!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Things from This Week {Friday Link Ups}


Happy Friday! Let's get right to five things for this week, shall we?

1| A Fresh New Scent
It's not spring yet. But I am more than ready for it - and I know many of you are too. Especially my sweet friends up north! Though we can't start sporting sandals and sundresses quite yet, I am on the hunt for a new spring scent. And I think I've found it. I've heard great things about this perfume, and would love to try it. Doesn't it sound yummy? It may not feel like spring yet, but at least we can smell like it.

2| Consignment Finds
I realized that I never shared photos of the finds I scored for Vivian at the consignment sale that I visited last week down in Macon. I came away with the following items for our baby girl (all of which are Feltman Brothers, Petit Ami, Rosalina or other boutique brands).

Could you die? I cannot wait to see Vivi in all of these precious little outfits! Consignment sales are the best. If you've never been to one, you are missing out.

3| Fun Upcoming Posts
On another "springy" note, I have some super fun upcoming posts planned for the coming weeks. One involving bow ties for dapper little dudes. Another involving footwear for tiny gals. And another involving shoes and accessories for us mamas. Can't wait to share them all with you! 

4| A Great Little Investment
I sometimes underestimate just how little it takes to make toddlers happy. The other day while in Target with B and Caleb, we stumbled across this little gem. For a whopping $1.99. Caleb held onto it all through the store like his life depended on it, and cried when the cashier took it from him to ring it up. He is obsessed with the movie Cars right now. All you have to do is say the word Mater in front of him, and he will run for the tv shouting, "May-May." It's pretty stinking cute. Anyways, I have to say that this little place mat has been the best $2 investment we've ever made. Caleb wants to eat off it at the table, which keeps his messes confined to one area. And he wants his snacks on it too, which helps keep crumbs and such off the coffee table. Win for baby. Win for mama.

5| Weekend Plans
I am super excited about this weekend! My sweet friend Kristen is hosting a baby shower for Vivian tomorrow, and I can't wait to see all of my friends and loved ones, and celebrate our little peanut:) We are so blessed to have such loving friends and family. To get a peek at my outfit inspiration for tomorrow, check out the post I shared earlier this week. Hopefully the outfit will come together as well as I am hoping...Because I don't have a back-up. Eeeep!

Hope you all have a very happy weekend! B, Caleb and I will be enjoying one last weekend together as a family before B goes back onto a trauma rotation. Sigh. All good things must come to an end, right? We've so enjoyed having the month of February together, and are so thankful for having had the time to get a lot accomplished in preparation for baby Vivi. Until Monday, there will be a lot of this going on around our house:

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby K #2 {30 Weeks}

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments on Tuesday's post. We are so excited to be welcoming a sweet baby girl into our family, but I will admit that it does come along with a different set of pressures for me as a mama than those that I felt when we were preparing to welcome a boy. 

On a lighter note, please excuse this week's bump picture. Looking cute has not been a priority this week with the terrible weather we've been having. Between just feeling blah, and the horrible roots I am sporting, this picture was as good as it gets this week, folks.

How Far Along: 30 weeks, 4 days 

Weight Gain: As of my 28 week appointment a couple of weeks ago, I was up a total of 21 pounds. Won't weigh in again until next week, but definitely feeling like the pound a week gain is pretty accurate. 

Symptoms: Back pain. Back pain. And more back pain. Sometimes just walking hurts. I've heard that breech babies can cause more lower back pain because of their positioning. Anyone know if this is true?

Cravings/Aversions: Fruit. Sweets. Fizzy drinks - particularly IBC root beer, which I am still drinking daily. And Shirley Temples.

What I am Missing:  Sleeping. Walking normally. Having energy. Wearing pants without elastic waistbands - in fact, I am ready to burn all elastic waistbands right now.

Size Of Baby: Week 30, baby is the size of a cabbage (about 3 pounds and 15.7 inches). Our baby girl hit three pounds a couple of weeks ago...We are a bit ahead of average in the weight department. Supposedly she has a 'chubby' tummy - this according to the ultrasound tech. So, I continue to believe that our girl will be a big one. And I won't lie, I'm a bit scared.

Sleep: Sleep has been an elusive mistress as of late. After almost two week's worth of nights with less than 2 hours of sleep per night - yes, two - I finally caved in and called my OB for some relief. She recommended Unisom, which I have been taking for two nights now. So far, I've gotten an average of 5 hours of sleep while taking the Unisom, so I'd consider that a win. I hope to not have to take it for long, so as soon as I am caught up on sleep, I'll try going without it and see how I do.
Workouts: In an effort to try to wear myself out and get sleepy, and to combat the cabin fever that has taken over in light of the winter weather we are all so sick of, we've been going on walks every day. Even in the drizzle. My poor hips feel like they can't stand the weight or the back and forth motion of my legs while walking, but I've forced myself to do it, and I do think it's helped. At least with just feeling better overall. It hasn't done anything for my sleep, but hey, at least I tried.

Clothing: Aside from my yoga pants, leggings, and a few loose, swingy tops and sweaters that still cover the bump, it's all maternity clothing, all the time. These leggings are on heavy rotation. And these jeans are my absolute faves. I don't want to purchase any more maternity clothing at this point in the pregnancy, but am considering picking up a couple of these - because, let's be honest, no one wants to see my big ol' pregnant belly peeping out from under my clothing. I'm also getting ready to grab one of these in every color. They are super cute, comfy, and perfect for nursing. I wore mine out with Caleb, so I need to re-stock.

Gender: A sweet baby girl! 

Nursery: The bedding, window treatments and pillows are almost done, and we can't wait to get them up in the nursery. They will make such a difference, as right now, the room looks a bit empty. I ordered a monogram and some poms for above the crib and can't wait until they arrive. And I am still on the hunt for the perfect girly lamp for the dresser, and some knick-knacks (like baskets for toy storage) here and there. But otherwise, all is done and ready for our little gal! 

Best Moment This Week: Going through and unpacking the bags of clothing we had stored in the nursery closet. I have a hamper full of tiny little onesies and pjs that need to be washed and put away in preparation for Vivian's arrival. It was so fun to see it all, and imagine a tiny new baby wearing it. I have never been so excited about laundry! It doesn't seem so bad when the items are so tiny:) We also have a baby shower this weekend, and are so looking forward to that!

28 Weeks / 30 Weeks

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm Going to Have a Daughter

"I'm going to have a daughter."

I can't wait till she's good enough at standing to do this!  I even have pink stillettos...

This thought crossed my mind one day recently. And stuck. It's been blazing in my brain like a neon light ever since.

When I was pregnant with Caleb, I remember thinking that I couldn't believe I was going to have a son. I felt like I knew nothing about boys. I had never had brothers, so I'd never had a lot of opportunity to be around little boys for long periods of time. I was scared out of my wits. I didn't know what sounds cars made. I didn't know what little boys played with or liked to do. Having a son was uncharted territory for me. But girls? Well. Girls, I know. I have a sister. We are both girly-girls. I can do pink. I can do tea parties. I can do ballet. I can do make up, and shoes, and princesses, and fairy tales. These are all things that I am very familiar with.

Along with all of the fun stuff, however, comes great responsibility. The responsibility is there no matter the gender of a child. But as a mother preparing to have a daughter, I feel it even more keenly with Vivian than I did with Caleb. I think B may feel this way when he looks at our son. I know that he wants Caleb to grow up to be strong, and kind, and generous. I know that he wants him to be a man of faith. A man of his word. A man of honor. And I know that he wants him to be a good caretaker - a man that will provide for his family. I can help in some ways, but a lot of those qualities are things that Caleb will learn from his Daddy. And a lot of the things that Vivian will learn are things that she will pick up from watching me. From the start, I will be her greatest female role model. As every mama is to her daughter.

And the thought of that stops me dead in my tracks.

My daughter will rely on me to teach her to love herself. To respect herself. To have high standards. To love others. To be kind. And above all, to love Jesus. These are not lessons that I take lightly. In fact, these are lessons that weigh heavily on me. Because I know that sometimes I don't love myself like I should. Or love others like I should. Or am as kind as I could be. And sometimes, yes sometimes, I know that my faith is a lot weaker than it should be. And yet, she will be looking to me to learn all of these things.

I am not perfect. I know that I can never be enough on my own. I couldn't possibly even hope to be able to meet every need that my daughter has. I can never love her the way that Jesus loves her. And surprisingly, I'm okay with knowing that. In fact, I have peace in that. Because instead of worrying about how I will fail, I know that all I can do is pray that my daughter will pick up the positive things that I have to share. I pray that I will never disappoint her. I pray that she will always feel loved. I pray that I can meet as many of her needs as possible as her mother. I pray that our relationship will always be loving and open. And above all, I pray that she has a solid faith in God, and will know that perfection comes only from him. Perfect love can only be found in Him. 

As long as she knows that, I will consider my job as her mother a job well done.


Monday, February 23, 2015

What to Wear? {Events Galore Edition}

I've decided not to subject you all to a weekend review today. We had a quiet little weekend spent mostly in running around completing some tasks that had been on our to do lists for a while. I took no pictures. Very unexciting blog material. You're welcome.

Starting this coming Saturday, and extending into the upcoming weeks, I've got several events to attend. Two of which I am co-hosting. I am super excited about these fun plans. But, I am also 30 weeks pregnant - with the belly to prove it - and planning what I am going to wear to these events has become a bit of chore. After all, I am not sure just how big I am going to be. Not sure of the weather. Not sure what kind of mood I'll be in - which, if I'm being honest, is the most volatile factor in the equation. And I definitely don't want to go out and buy a bunch of new clothing this late in my pregnancy journey...So I am getting creative.

That said, today, I need your help. I thought I'd share the look I am considering for each event and then get your feedback. Most of the items I've featured are non-maternity  -  so these looks would be suitable for anyone, bump or not! And most of them involve items I've already got in my closet. But, I need to know if they're "doable". So, tell me what you think. Are these outfits on trend and appropriate for what I've got going on? Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions? Be honest, ladies!

Event #1: Baby Shower for Vivian - Next Weekend
Baby Shower Option #1

My sweet friend, Kristen, is hosting a shower for baby Vivian in her home next Saturday. I haven't been too sure about what I want to wear for this event. But, I do know one thing: It is supposed to be less than 40 degrees here on Saturday, so Mama ain't wearing a dress. Shower or no shower. It's obviously too late for me to try to order anything online, so the items shown above are very similar to items that are already in my closet. I'm planning to keep it simple with a pretty, feminine sweater in a blush shade like this one. A pair of slim, dark jeans like these (of course, I will be wearing the maternity version). And some nude booties. I'll throw on some studs - loving this rose gold drusy pair. Add a necklace with a pop of color, like this precious Kendra Scott one. And call it a day. 

Event #2: Bridal Shower Brunch - Beginning of March

Wedding Shower - Option #1

Though I wouldn't normally consider this, I'm thinking the jeans may make a reappearance for my sister's bridal shower. In the words of my mama, "You're pregnant. You can do whatever you want." Love it. Since it's a brunch shower, it will be rather informal. It will still be chilly. And I want to be comfortable. I figured I'd pair my jeans with a cute blush tweed jacket. My exact jacket is from last year, and is no longer available, but this precious version from Nordstrom is available in lots of sizes and is currently 40% off! Underneath the jacket, I'd wear my favorite (non-maternity) Chloe tank with crochet trim. But also love this option and this one - both of which are non-maternity. The nude booties would be making a reappearance, as would the drusy earrings. But to dress this outfit up a little more, I'd add some bling with a chunky statement necklace like this gorgeous option (for less than $30!) Cute? Appropriate? Thoughts?

Event #3: Lingerie Shower - Mid March
Bridal Shower Option #2 (Casual Event)

I'm at a loss for this one, ladies. This event is the one that I am having the hardest time trying to visualize and plan for. The weather will likely be a bit warmer - though probably still a bit chilly. And because it will technically be spring, I won't want to wear a bulky sweater. Should the jeans come out yet again? Or maybe some cropped black pants? And with what? A piko top in a spring color - this mint one being my current favorite? Is that too casual? Would it dress it up enough to pair it with cute patterned flats, some bright studs, a stack of fun bracelets (love this one and this one), and a simple necklaceI envision myself feeling particularly huge and cumbersome watching a bunch of non-pregnant girls ooh and ahh over tiny, non-pregnant lingerie. Sigh. What in the world would be appropriate for this?

Event #4: Baby Shower - Late March

Baby Shower Outfit - Spring

By the end of March, when I will be co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend, it will be spring here in Georgia. Even if the weather is a bit cool, I think it will still be appropriate to don a maxi dress or skirt with a cardigan for an event like this. I have a few options from when I was pregnant with Caleb. And at this point in the pregnancy - with less than 5 weeks til my due date, the thought of purchasing anything new seems utterly preposterous. The front runners right now are a graphic print maxi dress like this one (which is non-maternity) or a brightly colored one like this one (which is maternity - but which comes in an non-maternity version for those who might be interested). Either of which can be paired with a cute pair of embellished sandals, and the same studs, necklace and bangles that provided pops of color with the outfit options shown above.

Now it's your turn, gals. I need thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. I don't trust my husband to help coordinate outfits. And at this point, I honestly don't know if I trust myself. So I'm relying on you. Go!

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Buh-Bye, Bae!" {Friday Link Ups}

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday - WhatWouldGwynethDo
Several of today's pictures are double dips from Instagram - sorry about that! (If you'd like to follow me on IG, you can find me @thenewlyjess).

1| Updates from This Week
Thank you all again for your sweet emails, comments and texts in regard to this post from earlier this week. Thankfully, we were able to get my car back on Wednesday. After being without it for a week, I can tell you that I am more grateful than ever to have it - even it if it did just suck down a ridiculous chunk of change to repair. Such is life. 

I also got a lot of comments and questions about several of the items featured in this post. I am still waiting on the delivery of the sweet sunsuits I ordered for Vivi (shown below) - and which are all still a steal at less than $10 each - but will be sure to update you on them when they arrive. 

Baby Girl Sunsuits for Spring/Summer 2015

2| Consignment Sale Season
Southern mamas, can I get an amen? It is consignment season! Yesterday, I drove down to Macon to meet up with my sweet friends, Lynn and Ashley, so that we could visit one of the best consignment sales around. This particular sale only accepts boutique children's clothing - we're talking Bailey Boys, Feltman Brothers, Petit Ami, Shrimp & Grits, Kelly's Kids, Matilda Jane and more. In other words:  I died and went to heaven. Last year, I shopped this same sale for Caleb. And while I was able to nab a few cute things for him then, last night, I had a LOT more luck finding cute things for Vivian. Several (new) smocked dresses. A couple of bubble outfits. A ruffled pant set. Some crib shoes. Girl is going to be styling. 

3| A "So Over It" Moment
I am almost 30 weeks now. And, while I am so thankful for this pregnancy and for baby Vivian, I will not be sad to get to the end of this journey. This pregnancy has been a lot tougher on me since the very beginning. I don't know if it's because I have a toddler at home this time around. If it's because it's a girl baby. If it's because I am 2 years older than I was last time. Or if it's just simply a different pregnancy - as my doctor said, "Every pregnancy is different." Whatever it is, I have just had a tougher time. I feel bigger (despite a lesser total gain so far). I ache all over. My poor hips hurt all the time. I have to pee constantly with little miss's feet right on my bladder. I'm tired and struggling with bad insomnia. Just over it.

Real life at (almost) 30 weeks pregnant. Sporting Christmas pj pants and my husband's big ol' thermal shirt. Stylish? No. Comfy? Heck yes.

A few hours later: A bit more presentable in regular (maternity) clothing. Which may not make it 10 more weeks with the way this belly is growing. Sigh. *Anyone notice the tiny little man begging for mama loving from the doorway? Couldn't you just eat him up with a spoon?

4| "Buh-Bye, Bae"
Speaking of my little munchkin. He has been saying the cutest little things lately - made even cuter by his dramatic facial expressions and tiny little voice. My very favorite has been his version of "Bye-bye, baby." Bye-bye is his favorite thing to say. And I call him baby all the time...So he says "Bye-bye, baby." Which comes out sounding like, "Buh-bye, bae" in his little voice. So. Flipping. Cute.

5| Pink, Pink & More Pink
The pink is multiplying. And multiplying rapidly in our house lately. And you know what? I don't hate it! I never thought I'd like seeing so much pink. After all, I have loved having little boy blues all around. But, imagining the sweet little gal who all of this precious pink stuff has been arriving for warms my mama heart. I can't wait to meet our sweet Vivian! Yesterday, her crib quilt arrived. I am loving the gold dots and monogram...And can't wait to show you how it ties in with the rest of her decor.

Looking forward to some more house progress this weekend, some planning for some upcoming showers and events in the next few weeks (including Vivi's shower next week - yay!) and some good ol' quality time with my sweet boys. Our time together as a family of three is quickly waning, so we are planning on soaking it up while we can!

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