Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween PJ Party

So, I am a couple of days late to the party. But today, I thought I'd share some photos of my little goblin in his Halloween jammies for the Halloween PJ Party link-up.

I love buying festive nightwear for my little man to wear for all the special holidays throughout the year. We found this pair at baby Gap - my absolute fave - and have been wearing them all month long. This year, we managed to keep it to just one pair for Halloween. (But don't ask me how many pairs he's already got stocked and ready for Christmas. I won't admit how crazy we go over Christmas jammies).

These pictures were taken right after we woke up. The bedhead just kills me - his hair looks just like his Daddy's, which I think is super cute. So, we let the bedhead fly for these photos. True life:)

As you may have guessed, the photo session ended shortly after my little wild man began attempting to climb his bookshelf. I tell you, he keeps me on my toes. That's for sure. And I love every second of it! 

Be sure to visit the gals listed above if you'd like to join in this festive link-up. It's beginning to look a lot like...Halloween!:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in Rewind {Weekend Review}

I seriously considered not even bothering with a weekend review this week. After all, sometimes the weekends just don't seem exciting enough to want to bore you all with every little detail. But not this weekend. No. Because this weekend, the hubs and I actually got away with a child-free date night. 

Do you know how often this happens? Approximately never. So it was a big deal for us. And it needed to be documented. Let's back up and I'll share some details with you.

My little man was sure excited that it was Friday. He couldn't stop yelling for joy. Love seeing the happiness just emanating from his tiny face in these photos. Please ignore the bruises on his precious cheeks - I literally cannot keep this child from falling and bumping into things on the reg.

I mean, really. Sorry for the picture overload. But, seriously. Could he look any cuter than he does in that precious little hoodie and tiny sweatpants? After changing for the day (which is why he is standing on his changing table above - with me about 6 inches away, in case you were wondering), we played for a bit in his room. He and Ellie just love dumping every toy from the bookshelf onto the floor. I just died looking at how big he looked sitting there in his big boy clothes, and yet how small he still is with his chubby cheeks and little sock feet. Sweet baby.

And, for any inquiring minds that may have been wondering, this little guy - our Aslan - is still a very loved member of our household. But a very loved member who prefers to spend most of his days as far away from Caleb as possible (though I can't say I blame him, as Caleb's "loving" is a bit rough for a 12 lb kitty). 

After a busy day spent running errands and getting some household chores accomplished, Caleb and I settled in for the night. We were joined by B's little sister, Anzlee, around dinner time. Her parents were out of town for the weekend, and B was asked to work a football game at last minute, so she came over to keep Caleb and I company. We ordered a pizza, ate leftover apple pie, and watched the comedy of Kevin Hart until we fell asleep.

Saturday was just a typical "around the house" kind of day. We had a leisurely breakfast, said goodbye to Anzlee, and got a bunch of stuff done around the house. For me, it was laundry. Every time I think I'm caught up on laundry, I realize that I've got about 4 new loads to do. Sigh. My nemesis.  Around 4:30, B's dad showed up to keep an eye on Caleb so that B and I could leave at 5 to go pick up our sweet friends, Kristen and Todd, and head to Atlanta for a long overdue date night.

We enjoyed a dinner al fresco at Gordon Biersch on Peachtree Street in midtown - which was amazing. The weather was perfect. There were twinkle lights out on the patio. The garlic fries were to die for. And my grilled chicken-avocado mayo-toasted sourdough sandwich was just what I had been craving. Yum.

Oh, and it was sure nice to not have to cut up food for anyone. Or worry about my little loudmouth man disturbing other diners or making a mess under his highchair. I love being a mom, but sometimes it's just nice to step away from mommy mode for a bit.

After dinner, we headed over to Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta to do the Skyview Ride. It's one of Atlanta's newer attractions - a huge, plush ferris wheel that overlooks the park and the city itself. We'd heard about it, but never done it, so when Kristen and her husband found a Groupon deal for it and asked if we wanted to go, we said "Sure!" 

Despite the fact that we'd ordered our tickets through Groupon, we still had to wait for about an hour. Which, wasn't too bad, as the night was perfect and there is music and videos playing while you're in line. They also have food and a bar set up for those who wish. So, even the waiting wasn't bad. 

We finally got into our 'gondola' - which resembled a high tech bubble - for our ride. The ride took about 20 minutes and went around about 4 times, so it was a decent amount time for the price. And the views were pretty. I am definitely glad we did it at night. Atlanta always looks so pretty all lit up at night.

After our ride, it was time to head back home and rescue Pops from babysitting duty. It always cracks me up because after a grandparent - or anyone - watches my son for a few hours, they always tell me how they don't know how I do it all day long, every day. I take it as a compliment. Because it ain't easy, folks. But it's the best job in the world!

Sunday ended up being a bit of a lost day for us. Caleb woke up with a temperature. And then I started feeling unwell. So we were a fun bunch. Not. We lazed around the house for most of the morning. The only productive one was B - who was like superman on Sunday. He did yard work, laundry, dishes and more. You name it, he did it. And insisted that I just rest and feel better. I am so lucky to have a man like him. I rallied before dinner time, enough to make some yummy chicken alfredo. And we capped off our night with The Walking Dead. True romance right there. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are off to a great start this week! Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Simple, Happy Things {Friday Link-Ups}

Happy Friday, sweet friends!

Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, my weeks aren't measured quite the same as they used to be when I worked full time, and counted down every day until the freedom of Friday. However, this week, I am glad that today is Friday. In honor of the best day of the week, I thought I'd share a few simple, happy things from this week.

☆Black & White Pop Of Color☆  *Have a Fabulous Friday Darlings!!*

Fun Weekend Plans
My sweet husband has the weekend off, and we are very much looking forward to it. Weekends that he is home are oh, so precious now. And this one is particularly exciting, seeing as how we actually have a fun date date with friends planned. It's been awhile since we've been able to fit a date into our hectic schedules, and even longer since we were able to join friends for a double date. You could say that we are much overdue.

Apple Pie
We indulged in some apple pie this week. Nothing says fall like apple pie, am I right? I had big plans for a homemade one, but the craving for it hit mid-week, and there was no way I was going to make a pie on a weeknight. So, we grabbed the second best thing - a Marie Calendar Dutch Apple Crumb pie. It's almost as good as homemade folks. Almost. 

Thursday Night Shows
B and I enjoyed watching Scandal last night while we indulged in heaping scoops of our apple pie a la mode. Quiet house. Baby sleeping. Pjs on. Great tv. Yummy dessert. Our perfect night, indeed.

Soft Flannel Pants
Now that colder weather has arrived, I am loving the heck out of my pjs once again. Pajamas are never cozier than they are in fall and winter. I always love pulling out all my plaids and fun patterns. And I wouldn't mind adding these, these, these, or these adorable options to my pj drawer. I have quite the pj collection already, but I'm of the opinion that you can never have enough. I think it's safe to say that I might have a bit of an obsession...

This Cute Little Bubble Butt
There's nothing more adorable than a sweet little baby booty in pj pants. I love seeing Caleb's chunky little legs in the long john style pajamas that we've bought for him. It always starts my day off on the right foot:) (And side note, this pic is a sneak peek of his Halloween jammies, which I'll be sharing in the link-up next week!)

Alright ladies, so that's my five things for today. What have you got to share on this fabulous Friday? Check out the link-ups below and feel free to join in to share in the fun:)

Today, I am linking up with Karli of September Farm and Amy of The Farmer's Wife.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bucket of Thursday Confessions

So, I have a lot on my mind. Lots of things swirling through my head. And lots of drafts sitting in a folder waiting for some touch-ups. But all I want to do today is talk randomly. That ok with you guys? Sometimes it just feels good to ramble, so today will be confession day here on the blog.

I confess...

I bought a milkshake one day with the full intent of sharing it with Caleb. I figured I'd get half the calories that way, right? My justification was sound. Well, little man fell asleep in the car. So Mama drank the whole dang thing. Yum. And I'm not as sorry about it as I probably should be.

Sometimes, I realize it's been more than a week before I wash sheets. Oops. But, we do take showers every night before bed, so at least we have that going for us.

Speaking of sheets, I am totally OCD about bed-making. I literally can't start my day unless the bed is made. And if it goes unmade for a few hours, I just feel gross and disgusting.

I've been so tired lately, I just haven't gotten around to finishing out the seasonal switcheroo of my closet. So, while shorts and summer dresses have been nixed from the premises, there are still flip flops and summer sandals hanging out in my closet. Which makes getting dressed interesting. "Let's see, today, I'll wear this sweater...with these sandals? No. Nope, that won't work." Commence digging for appropriate footwear.

Update: I completed the footwear switch-out last night. And, Lawd have mercy. Was it a job. It just about did me in. After huffing and puffing, and digging and sorting, and boxing and organizing, there is nary a flip flop to be found in my closet. I did however begin to realize that my husband may just be right. I really might not need any more shoes.

Especially boots. Y'all. I have 10 pairs of boots. Not counting booties. Not counting ankle boots. Nope. Just regular, right at the knee style boots. Granted, some have wedge heels. Some are riding boots. Some are suede. Some are leather. They're all different. But, 10? Yeah. I think I'm set.

I was looking through some of the pictures on my phone last night, and came across these shots of Caleb before he got his hair cut. When he still had his precious head of curls. I started crying and I couldn't stop. Where did my baby go???

I'm trying to get excited about all things holiday this year, but my usual sparkle just hasn't arrived yet. I blame it on exhaustion right now. Hoping the twinkle shows up soon, since Christmas stuff is already showing up in my local Target.

Speaking of Target, anyone ever noticed that their baby/toddler section is almost always totally picked over? Or is that just my Target?  Note to Target: get it together. I have not had to use any willpower while shopping lately and that, my friends, is just scary.

Baby pjs are my downfall. I want every pair of Christmas pjs I see for Caleb. Does he need them? No. Will he wear them all? Probably not. But that doesn't stop me from thinking that he desperately needs them.

And that's all I've got for today! What's going on in your pretty heads today, ladies?