Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Return of Confessions {Confessional Thursday Link Up}

Hi, girls! Welcome to the first installment of Confessional Thursday. I don't know about you all, but I am so happy to have a weekly place to get some things off my shoulders and just be random. Would love to have you join in, so be sure to grab the button above and link up! Now, without further ado...

I confess:

|| The button I created for the link up has me wishing for spring. And I'm okay with that. Peonies? Yes, please.

|| And yet...winter looks to be sticking around for a bit longer. I've been off my photo game lately because we are just staying cooped up inside and are bundling up in sweatpants and sweatshirts, i.e. not cute clothes. For this reason, I have been less inclined to pull out my phone and take pictures then ever before. Mom fail.

|| Recently, this lip butter (in the Strawberry Shortcake shade) made its way into my Target cart. Love

|| Completely open shelving in kitchens drives me nuts. Even in the neatest kitchens, I can't help but think about the dust accumulating in those shelves - on the dishes, in the glasses, and whatnot. No thanks. And no matter what, it just looks cluttered. Not my thing. An open accent shelf or two? Yes. But a whole kitchen? Nope.

|| I love these bracelets. But the price? Sigh...Anyone know where to find them cheaper???
|| Caleb is exchanging valentines at school today. And B and I actually had a disagreement over whether Caleb's were too "girly". They were plain hearts that Caleb colored on and stuck stickers on for each of his preschool classmates. B would have preferred Paw Patrol or Ninja Turtles, but Caleb has YEARS to give homemade hearts it was.

|| When I don't want to watch them, I tell my son that the cartoons he likes are asleep. Shhh.

|| I've convinced myself that 7 or 8 donut holes equals one donut...although, if I'm being honest, I'm pretty sure it's like 4. Oops.

|| The hubs bought me this beauty for Christmas. And I love it. My kitchen counters are old-school wood topped, and I don't love them. So this prettiness in my kitchen always cheers me up immensely.

|| I buy almost all of my birthday/baby shower/wedding cards at HomeGoods or the Dollar Store. $1-$2 per card versus $5-$6? Yes, please.

|| I don't understand how babies and toddlers can wake up all through the night and then still want to wake up at their normal times in the morning. How is that possible? I am ready to murder someone for some sleep in this house. Kidding. Kind of.

|| Our new washing machine and dryer arrived yesterday and I am so. in. love. Does loving a washing machine and dryer make me old? Sign me up for the AARP.


Alright, ladies. That's all I've got for this week. Your turn to link up and spill:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday Link Up {A Reminder}

Whew. Y'all, this week has been a week. Vivian has decided to be a total over-achiever and start teething this week, destroying my hopes for a super late and super seamless teething transition like we had with Caleb. No joke, Caleb was 12 months old before he ever got a tooth, was never up once all night crying from teething, never had to have medicine for pain, never needed teething toys or anything...Clearly, we will not be coming away as unscathed with Viv. She has been up multiple times in the night, every single night, for the last few days. Which has absolutely wrecked the minimal amounts of sleep that B and I have learned to survive on. Fun.

On top of that, last weeks sale at Pearl & Monroe went swimmingly...and now I am swimming in shipping. Don't get me wrong, I am so very, very thankful for the business and am so humbled by it. But prepping, packaging, labeling, wrapping, affixing shipping, and then carting tens of packages to the post office on the daily takes hours of time each day and is a lot of work! Especially when you are doing it on your own. It's definitely the most time consuming part of the job, for sure.

And for those reasons, I have been a bit absent from the ol' blog this week...

BUT!!! I will be back tomorrow for the first installment of the weekly Confessional Thursday link up. And cannot wait. I created the handy little button above, so if you'd like to join in, simply grab the button, throw it somewhere in your post so others can link up too, and add your name to the link up list when it goes live in the morning. Can't wait to see what you all have to confess this week:)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Return of The 'Fess Sesh, A Great Bra & More {Friday Link Ups}

Happy Fri-yay! #tgif:

1| Confessions Are Back!
I know I'm not the only one who's been missing the weekly 'fess seshes, am I right? So, after much consideration, I've decided to revive them in honor of sweet Leslie, whose link ups I looked forward to every single week. I will not be doing them on Fridays, as that seems to be a busy day for link ups, and have decided that Thursdays seem like a good day instead. So, get prepared ladies! Sound good? If so, get ready to start sharing NEXT WEEK, on Thursday, February 11th:)

I know I'm not the only one who thinks finding a great bra is about as hard as finding a perfect pair of jeans, amen? There just aren't many out there that I love. But last weekend, on a whim, I tried on this Perfect Shape T-shirt Bra...And was so very surprised to find that I absolutely loved it, I bought it on the spot. It's soft, creates a nice smooth look underneath clothing, and the price is incredibly reasonable (sorry, not sorry that I refuse to pay $70 for a bra - no thanks). It also comes in a demi cup style for those of you that prefer that cut, and I tried that one on as well and loved it. Ladies, trust me. This bra is a winner. 

3| Cute Spring Things
While browsing through the motherland yesterday, aka Target, I noticed that a lot of their spring things have been making their way to the shelves. I am currently trying to decide whether or not I should purchase this jacquard weekend bag (love the cute tassel) or this adorable striped weekender bag for our summer jaunts. I have the smaller tote version of the striped bag, so I like the idea of having a matching set...but I think I might love the jacquard bag a tad more. Thoughts?

Women's Jacquard Weekender Duffle Handbag - Merona™

While browsing, I also ended up snagging these gold mirrored aviator sunglasses. I have a pair of gold aviators, but the lenses are not polarized, so I figured these would be a nice upgrade, while still being affordable. And finally, I ended up with a few books in my cart, including this adorable option (which I couldn't find on Target's website, hence the link to it on Amazon), which I picked up as a Valentine's Day gift for Vivian. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen? Highly recommend if you have a little gal in your life that you need a gift for!

And all of the above are perfect reasons why I should never go into Target ever again.....

4| Something to Share
I came across this post, To the Tired Mama, by Ashley at The Vanilla Tulip a while ago, and meant to share it. It's a lovely piece, so if you have a minute to read it, please do. You won't regret it!

5|  Weekly Photo Dump

Sweet sissy watching Daddy and Caleb working outside - not quite old enough to join in on the "tractor" riding
Always love the nighttime views of my favorite city (don't worry - I was the passenger in the car taking this picture, not the driver)
 Adore this man. And loved getting to celebrate his birthday with him all weekend long
 Surprised him by breaking him out of the hospital ON his birthday for dinner at Pure Taqueria
 These little people were excited to celebrate with Daddy too
A fun new accessory hit Pearl & Monroe this week (and I wore my rainboots in the actual rain - which I've determined is the only time I will be wearing these).
My favorite little people doing what they do best: being cute
 Another find from my Target venture. $3, holla!

That's it for this week! Happy Friday, ladies! Visit any of the following blogs to link up for the Friday festivities:)

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Residency Update {A Year and A Half}

Well, it's that time of year. The time where I sit back, think to myself, "Halfway through another year" (residency years being from July to July), and reflect on how far we've come. The last milestone we hit was last July, when B traded in his jail sentence - i.e. his intern title (first year medical residents are all referred to an interns) - for his new badge of honor as a second year. I was not sad in the slightest to bid adieu to first year, and was ready to welcome second year with open arms, despite the fact that some people had told me that second year was even harder than first year. Pssssshhhh. 

So, the million dollar question: How has second year compared to intern year?

In my opinion, it's been better. But not by much. My experiences during intern year motivated me to keep my expectations low this year, so that has probably had an effect on my outlook overall. But I do think that this year has been a bit easier. If, for no other reason, because of one thing: predictability. The unpredictability of intern year was what killed me. I never knew when B would be home, and the not knowing drove. me. insane. Every night was a guessing game. Would he make it to dinner? Would he make it for bath time? Would he make it in time to give good night kisses or read a story? Would he even make it before I went to sleep? The answer was unknown day to day. In contrast, as a second year, B's schedule is much more predictable. He is home for dinner almost every day. I can count on him being here for bath time and bedtime most of the time, and giving me a much-needed break after the insanity of dealing with a toddler and an infant all day. When he is done operating during the day, he is usually able to get on out of that jail of a hospital. Some days have been as early as 3 or 4 pm (rare, but they do happen). Sounds great, right? 

But hold on.

There is one caveat...because although B is home at a more predictable time on the daily, he is also gone more on overnight shifts. Second year has required more responsibility, and thus, more call shifts. And man, do I hate call shifts. When B is on call, he is gone from about 5 am one day until 12 pm or later the next day. Which equates to more than 24 hours. And these call shifts happen a couple of times a week. Not fun. He is also still working two weekends a month, just like he did as an intern. And this year, he has actually worked MORE holidays than he did intern year. He worked July 4th. He worked every other day the week of Christmas, and on Christmas Day. He worked New Years Day. He worked his birthday. He will work Memorial Day. You catch my drift...So, while in technical terms, B is probably working just as much as last year, the predictability of it this year has made his schedule a bit easier for me to deal with.

It's still hard. I won't sugar coat it. Residency is just tough. Work is my husband's other wife, and I am consistently jealous of her. I find myself longing for the days when we can count on weekends together like most normal people, instead of having to plan our weekends out a month in advance to be sure that B can be present for things like the kids' birthday parties, family events and such. Lazy weekends are few and far between for us because we get so few weekends together in general and have to pack everything into our limited time. I get tired of attending things on my own, being a single mom, and constantly feeling like I am making excuses for my exceedingly hard-working husband. I try to accept that people just don't understand the lifestyle we live, because it's true. They don't. But that doesn't make it any easier when I find myself watching Netflix by myself on a Saturday night while B works yet again. Netflix and chill, anyone? What does that even mean, anyways???

As always, I hope that this post does not come off as bitter or self-involved. In these posts, I seek to share the truth, and the raw feelings that come along with this particular topic. I want to always remember how tough this time has been so that one day, I can be super proud of how hard we've worked and how far we've come. I hope to laugh one day about the fact that we only got to spend two Saturdays a month together. When we're shuffling kids back and forth between sporting events and school activities, I hope these sweet - hard, but sweet - days hold some precious memories for us. Precious memories of our tiny cottage, our crazy little people, and the love we had around us all the time, despite the challenges. I don't ever want to forget that. I may wish for the end of residency from time to time, and the beginning of what I hope will be a more normal life for our little family. But then I stop myself from having those wishes because there will be a LOT of life lived in these next few years, and I don't want to rush a second of it. It's gone by way too fast as it is. 

Holding on to every second. 

As always, happy to answer any questions or concerns any of you may have in regard to this topic, or simply hear from you if you are in a similar situation. Residency wives unite! Feel free to email me at!:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Recent Thoughts & Musings

Pink Door #travel:

I'm having a hard time corralling my thoughts this week. I sit down at the computer, open up a draft post, and....

Blah. Nothing. It's as if my mind is as blank as the white screen in front of me. I've got several posts I'd love to share, and have been meaning to share. But I just can't seem to finish them. So another random post it is today, because that's all I can seem to put together. 

|| This has absolutely no relevance to anything, but how cute is that pink front door in the picture above? I know that it would likely ONLY look good on the very house in which it's shown...but how happy would it make you to have a pink front door? I mean, you really couldn't be sad with a pink front door.

|| Is anyone else SO glad the groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday? All in favor of spring, raise your hand!

|| I have been using this eye palette for the last week and a half, and so far, am really liking it. The colors are muted enough for daily wear, but the darker shades allow for a smokier look.  I have not used this other palette yet, but am looking forward to trying it soon. Strangely enough, the pale colors apply best with fingers, so if you try the lighter palette, sweep it on with your fingers instead of a brush. Weird, but true.

|| B and I have been watching The Vikings. Lord have mercy, those Nordic men were hot (if they look anything like the actors chosen to portray them!) 

|| Recently, I was sent a Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara to try for free as part of an Influenster campaign. I was super excited about it, especially with the sleek, gorgeous packaging. 

However, I won't lie to you. Ladies, it is not great. The wand is thick and comes to a blunt end, which makes it extremely hard to use effectively in the corners of the eyes and on the shortest eyelashes. And I wasn't a fan of the formula itself, as by the end of the day, it had begun to flake off under my eyes. I'll keep my $7 drugstore mascara, thanks.

|| Kathy Lee and Hoda. I admit. I love them. 

|| I excitedly purchased these Hunter boots (only available in the shorter style now) on deep discount a few weeks ago. And y'all. Stone me. Discredit me. Pull my blogger card. I know, I know. But...I don't love, love, love them...eeeek! They're cute. They're definitely well made. And they are more comfortable than the Target pair I had before. But, for $100, I don't know. I'm just not sold. They are most definitely a rain boot, and something I just wouldn't wear unless the weather seemed appropriate. Am I missing something? 

|| Recently, I found out that two of Caleb's closest preschool friends will be attending a different preschool next year. And I'm so super bummed about it! I know that this won't be the first time this happens, but gosh, it just makes me sad! Veteran moms: advice on how to handle this? I guess I will just have to commit to more play dates and such outside of school.

|| In other news, I'm currently on the hunt for a first birthday outfit for Ms. Vivi. Suggestions? Favorite shops? 

|| I feel certain that my children are out to kill me when it comes to shopping. Vivi isn't too bad anymore (she used to be terrible). But still, when they are together, they seem to be be able to sense when we are going into a store, and immediately pull out their worst behavior. Crying, whining, fussing, toy grabbing...the works. Thank God for online shopping. Amen. And amen.

And...yep. That's it. Happy Wednesday.

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*I was provided the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara for free by Influenster in return for my honest review. All opinions of the product are my own.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, B!

Today is the day that the man I love entered this world twenty-nine years ago. And I am so very thankful that he did. God truly broke the mold when he made B, and I am so very lucky to call him mine. The kids and I will miss being able to celebrate his special day with him today while he is at work, but loved getting to enjoy a whole weekend celebrating the amazing person that he is. So very proud of him!

Happy birthday, honey. I love you more than words could ever describe.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Eye Shadow, Pin-cesses, & Birthday Stuff {Friday Link Ups}

Happy Friday, y'all ;D LO:

1|  An Eye Shadow Switcheroo
As a Christmas gift this year, B gave me this eye shadow palette that was all the buzz. I was super excited to give it a try, sure that I'd just love it. Duh, duh, duh...Nope. Didn't love it at all. The colors were just too dark for me to get any wear out of. And to be completely honest, I wasn't too impressed with the quality of this particular palette (I've also had the Naked 2 and found it to be of much higher quality). So, a week or so ago, I went into Ulta and returned it. And picked up this set of blush shades and this set of nude shades to try instead. I love the variety and think the colors are gorgeous. And here's the kicker: Maybelline products are BOGO 50% at Ulta right now. So I got BOTH palettes for $16. What??? Shut the front door. The deals are good through this weekend, so get your hineys over there and take advantage. 

2|  "Mommy, You a Pin-cess"
In the car on the way to preschool drop off one day this week, I found myself frantically trying to wrangle my hair into some semblance of a style. I'd had just enough time to get the kids ready, dressed and out the door before throwing clothes on my own body and....that was it. So I was frantically finger combing my hair in an attempt to get it into something resembling a ponytail, and hoping to not scare any of the other parents at drop off. In the midst of this, a little voice piped up from the back seat of the car, "Mommy, ut you doing?" I replied with a very-to-the point response, "Mommy is trying to fix her hair so that I don't look like a hot mess when I drop you off at school," knowing that Caleb likely would not understand much of what I'd just said. But a second later, my sweet boy said, "Mommy, you a pin-cess (princess)." And my heart melted right there on the spot. It's so wonderful to see ourselves through our children's eyes once in a while. My sweet, sweet, sweet boy. I hope he is always just as sweet as he is now. Oh, how I love him.

3|  Just a Bit Edgy
You all may have been able to tell from my last couple of posts, but I've been a bit on edge for the last week or so. We have so many things coming up - I have a million to do lists that just seem to keep growing - and B was gone for three nights this week, which always magnifies my stress levels. Soooo....working on that now. But you may have to cut me some slack as I plan for B's birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Vivian's birthday, our 5th anniversary, and then Caleb's birthday all in a row. All within a 3 month span. Sigh. First world problems, I know.

4|  A Weekend Full of Birthday Fun
B's birthday is on Monday (and of course, he is working). So we will be celebrating all weekend in anticipation! Tonight, we are having dinner with his mom and family. Tomorrow, we are headed into Atlanta to have dinner with my family. And on Sunday, we will be doing a birthday lunch with B's dad and grandparents. He sure is one very loved husband/son/grandson. We are so excited to celebrate him this weekend:)

5|  Weekly Photo Dump

They see me rollin...aka stealing brother's truck when he's not looking
 Beep, beep
 Best. Lunch. Ever. All the garlic aioli. Amen.
 Wish I looked this cute with crazy bedhead
Smiling, happy girl on our CFA lunch date with Daddy and Caleb
 My little old man enjoying some choice reading while he eats
 And then stealing my milkshake with total swagger. I mean, he looks 5 here, does he not???
 For her birthday, I am buying this girl all the remotes 

Happy Friday, lovely ladies! If you'd like to link up for the Friday fun, visit the following bloggers:

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