Monday, February 3, 2014

Leaving a Legacy {Weekend Review}

Am I the only one who felt like this weekend went by quickly? It feels like yesterday was Friday. And yet, here it is Monday, so I know that Saturday and Sunday have come and gone. We didn't have all that much on the agenda this weekend. We spent a quiet night at home on Friday - just B, Caleb and me. We played dominoes. We played cards. We watched a movie. We made some yummy adult beverages. And we giggled about the fact that we were at home playing dominoes and cards on a Friday night. But we had so much fun!

On Saturday, Caleb and I did gifts with Daddy first thing. I whipped up some homemade biscuits for breakfast and we lounged around for the better part of the morning. Really, no gifts we could have given him this year are better than waking up to this little face though. Bed head and all. Side note: I only wish I looked this cute with a bad case of bed head.

B's family came down to celebrate B's birthday with us Saturday night. I wasn't quite done frosting the cake when everyone arrived, so I whipped on an apron to finish up. I realized after I took the pictures that it looks like I don't have anything on underneath, but I DO! I'm wearing the tank top and jeans I wore to dinner that night, and threw on my sweater as we were walking out the door. Another side note: Saturday was the first time I tried contouring with my makeup (thanks for the inspiration, Lynn!) I still have a ways to go before I can call the venture a success, but I do love contouring and can't believe I didn't know about it before now!  Also, please excuse my winter white skin. Ugh.

I didn't take any pictures of the birthday cake as, quite honestly, it wasn't the most beautiful cake I've ever created. For some reason, the last two cakes I've made haven't wanted to come out of the cake pans after I've pulled them from the oven. Despite coating the pans with layers and layers of Pam to prevent it, the bottoms of the cakes still stuck to the pans, requiring some pretty fancy 'stitch work' with icing once I was ready to frost them. So frustrating. I'm thinking I might actually switch back to store-brand cooking spray since I haven't seemed to have any luck with the Pam. Despite not looking too pretty, the butter cake with creamy chocolate frosting was absolutely delicious. And after all, it's taste that matters most when it comes to dessert, am I right? Though I didn't get any pictures of the cake, I did think to whip out my phone and take a few shots of dinner at Outback.

The Birthday Boy!

Some of the sisters (between B and I, we have 5!)

Caleb hoping for a bite of someone's food...

And of course, Pops came through! Caleb ate more than any of us that night! 

Yesterday, B and I went to church, went on a walk, and hung out until game time. We watched the Superbowl at home. We whipped up some french onion dip, pigs in a blanket and mozzarella sticks and vegged out with Caleb. Although the game was a bit of a disappointment (we were hoping for one more Superbowl for Peyton Manning), we really enjoyed the halftime show with Bruno Mars. We agreed that it was the best one we'd seen in years. We also agreed that the commercials were just so-so. Nothing that really took our breath away this year. We did enjoy these Budweiser ones though: 

What really got me thinking as I started this post was the message we heard in church yesterday. Yesterday was the last message in a series that our pastor has been doing on the topic of marriage. The last 3 messages have been great, and I've enjoyed sharing about them every Monday here on the blog. But yesterday's message was one that really struck a chord. It was on the topic of legacies, and more specifically, on the kind of legacies that we leave behind for our children. The pastor talked about how the decisions we make now will have an effect on future generations - in ways that we could have never imagined. He talked about how it's up to us to ensure that we leave behind positive legacies rather than negative ones. How important it is to make sure that faith is the foundation for all that we do. The story hit home for us because B's parents split when he was little, and have both been remarried and divorced multiple times. Neither of us want this to be part of the legacy that we leave for our son. So it's up to us to ensure that this part of our story is not a part that is passed down to become part of Caleb's story. Our pastor shared a point he'd read somewhere that suggested that if people thought about the fact that they will be an ancestor to someone one day, they might act a little differently. And that's so true. I thought about what I want my son to know about me. And what I want my son to be able to share about his daddy and I with his own children one day. And what those children will one day share about B and I, and about Caleb and his future spouse. I can only hope that they will have good things to share. I can only hope and pray that the legacy that B and I leave behind will always be a good one, so that our son will have the foundation needed to leave behind a wonderful legacy of his own one day.

Today, the hubby and I are both at home. It's grey, raining and chilly here - the perfect day to stay home and do just what my hubby was hoping to do. Watch "Groundhog Day" on replay. All. Day. Long. Sigh. The things we do for love:)


  1. UMMMM I love the movie groundhog day! DON'T DRIVE ANGRY!!!!!!!!!

    I agree, leaving a happy lasting legacy is so important. How good of you to be intentional.

    YAY for contouring, I haven't tried it yet, but will soon!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and great day! Id love to be home today on this dreary day.

  3. Love that legacy message. One of my favorite sermon series from my church back in Charlotte was called "Legacy." It was absolutely incredible!!! The marriage sermon one...holy moly...with my parents in the midst of divorce at that moment, I literally cried to through the WHOLE service. -- The sermon series is right here!! Totally do not feel like you have to listen! Just wanted to share...and just felt a little inspired to listen to that marriage sermon again now that I am married! :)
    Hugs, friend!!! xx

  4. First of all, you look so, so cute in your apron. I love wearing aprons, I feel so domestic when I wear them. Ha! The picture of Caleb eating fries is too cute!! I think it is adorable the way kids pucker their lips when they chew. You are an amazing wife for watching "Groundhog Day" all day.

  5. Pretty mama! Love your apron! I actually thought it was a shirt as I was scrolling down to read the paragraph before your picture. :) Ooops!

    Hope B had a wonderful birthday! Caleb looks like such a little man in his flannel with a french fry. Just want to smooch his cheeks!

    Such a great message from your Pastor. Something that is so important but something, to be honest, that I never really thought of.

  6. pretty mom! you look adorable! love that dress! looks like a fun weekend!

  7. you look so pretty! I love contouring, it really makes a world of difference when I do my makeup. the first photo of caleb melts my heart!

  8. Caleb is so dang cute! I can't wait until Weston's hair is long enough to get bed head! HAHAHA

  9. It's so funny that you wrote about what legacy we want to leave for our children. I was just thinking about that earlier. It really does make you think a little differently and really want to try your best and set a good example of what it is like to follow Christ.

    Love that picture of Caleb eating at the restaurant... Too cute!

  10. You look soooo pretty and cute! Love that you had a nice time for B's birthday!

    Leaving a happy and positive legacy behind is super important--I couldn't agree more!


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