Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday! {My Tiny Valentine}

Happy Friday! We've reached the end of yet another frosty, frigid week. The forecasters here in our town played a cruel joke on us earlier this week, telling us that it would be in the 60's here yesterday and today. In reality? It didn't get above the low 40's yesterday. And let me tell you, those 20+ degrees make a big difference this time of year.

Despite the chilly temps outside, I have been looking forward to the fun 5 on Friday link up all week. It never fails to bring a bit of sunshine to my day! Today, as usual, I'm linking up with Natasha and the rest of the girls.

1. My Tiny Valentine
This year, I have not one, but two, very special valentines. One of them is tall, dark and handsome. And one of them is teeny, blonde, and usually accessorizes with a pacifier, a gummy grin, or some residue from his last meal. I'll let you guess which one is Caleb and which one is B. My smallest valentine has been rocking some festive bibs lately, and I am loving it. I mean, could he get any cuter? Who wouldn't want to be his valentine?

2. The Most Chocolate-y of Hot Chocolate
This picture may not seem necessary, but trust me, it has a point. See the dark rim around the top of the cup? Yes? That's how chocolate-y my husband's hot chocolate is. It's so thick and creamy, it literally leaves behind a chocolate residue. It's hot chocolate of the best variety. No Swiss Miss here, folks. My sweet hubby always offers to whip me up a yummy mug of this little delicacy on days that aren't so great. The one pictured here is a double...Let's just say, it was an "Alexander" kind of day.

3. My Day-to-Day
As I'm sure you could guess, my days as a new stay-at home mom look a leeeetle bit different than did my days behind the desk at the law firm. I'm planning to do a "Day in the Life" post one day soon. But for now, I thought pictures would suffice. Here's a few glimpses of my day:

Holding hands during a car-ride nap...

Thinking about what he can get into next...

Playing a little game of 'blanket on' (remind anyone of ET here?)...

 And 'blanket off'...

Someone found the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel...
(Side note: Those cheeks. Oh, those cheeks. They slay me!)

4. Wedding Updates
My sister got engaged about a week ago. She and her fiance, Chris, have been trying to nail down a wedding date for the last couple of days, and it sounds as if they've had some success! From now on, April will be known as the wedding month in my family. B and I were married on April 30, 2011, and it's looking like my sister and Chris are going to have an anniversary just a few days before ours. What can I say? B and I are trendsetters. And April is the best;) 

5. Weekend Plans
Speaking of my family, Caleb and I are headed to visit my Mom and Dad through tomorrow. Mimi (my mom) will get to spend a little quality time with Caleb while I have my hair done this afternoon. And later today, after he gets off work, B will be heading up to join us for a birthday dinner celebration in honor of him. Looking forward to spending some special time with some special people.

Don't forget to click on over to the link-up with Natasha, Christina, Darci and April and join in to share your Friday faves from this week!
Five on Friday

Talk to you all on Monday!


  1. chocolate is the best! I could go for a cup right night now. How I'd long for 40 degree weather! :) MMC is pretty addictive, hence why that is Cash's b-day theme. Although, there are definitely some shows that I just can't handle. lol! Have a wonderful weekend with your parents! xoxo

  2. Good grief he is an absolute doll!! Hope you guys have fun this weekend with your Mom!!

  3. I agree with you, April wedding dates ARE the best...but I may be slightly partial too! Congrats to your sister on picking a date!
    Your Valentine is the absolute cutest--especially with the hand holding in the car. Adorable!!

  4. Oh my gosh Caleb is too cute, you're giving my baby fever!! :) Love spring weddings!! Ours was late March but April is such a pretty time for a wedding, congrats to your sis!

  5. holding hands. oh my goodness. that is adorable! I LOVE when your baby just wants to hold your hand! Such sweet little moments! He is too cute!

  6. Glad you are really enjoying your time off with baby! Have a great weekend celebrating the hubs birthday with family!

  7. His little hand holding yours just about kills sweet. Why do our boys have to grow so fast? I wish they could stay little forever!

  8. Nope, he coulndn't get any cuter!!! Have the best weekend!

  9. Your tiny Valentine is the most precious Valentine EVER!!!

  10. So precious your little Caleb is! I'd love to read a day in the life post, those are always so interesting!

  11. Oh he is just the sweetest little boy.

    We're hot chocolate obsessed over here too, but we're lazy and go with swiss miss. Ha! Sometimes we get realllly fahncy and whip up some of our own whipped cream though.

  12. Visiting from the link up. Caleb is too cute!!

  13. oh gosh--he is just too adorable to handle!

  14. Your teeny tiny Valentine is just the cutest! That would be fun to celebrate holidays with a new addition around :) And congrats to your sister!

  15. Your little guy is just so sweet!

  16. Oh my goodness...I'd love a cup of that chocolate deliciousness!! Mmm :) ... Your lit'l guy is sooo adorable!! Hope you and your family enjoy a lovely weekend!!

  17. Love this! Hot cocoa is my weakness lately! HAHA


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